Short Stories

Lauren Spieller loves writing short stories, including “Going Under,” which was published in Black Heart Magazine. Below, you’ll find a few excerpts from her work. 

Jenny’s fingers raked across her chin as if they had a mind of their own. She stared out the window, seeing nothing. A few more passes, and they’d be gone, she thought. Just a little more and she’d be fine until they came back.–“Itch.” Praise for “Itch” from Craig Clevenger:  “Really nicely done.”

Those four little words get inside me. They crawl their way through my nose and down my throat. They nestle between my teeth and make themselves at home.–“Dinner’s on the Table”

I wrapped my hands around a grapefruit that was large and sweet and a little soft. I pulled. It came away from the branch with a snap and a shower of leaves.–“Ripe”

Let me wait for the sun to melt my flesh to a puddle, for my skin to blister and peel. Let me come out fresh and renewed. –“Going Under

“The decision-making capabilities are mostly the same as well, although the computing software is stronger and faster. No more waiting while the DMD sorts through the minutia of ethical imbalances. Just a quick answer, seconds after you’ve asked.”–“Gizmo”

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  1. Dino Parenti says:

    Loved this story. Voted for it in WAR.

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